Funding Plus

At Civitates, we do not only provide funding to our grantee partners. We also provide them with opportunities to learn, reflect, and connect. We call this our Funding Plus approach.

After all, the only way we can achieve our mission and vision is if we have strong grantee partners. We therefore actively try to improve their skills and expertise and facilitate networking so that they have what it takes to tackle the many challenges they are up against.

We know there isn’t one right way to go about capacity building, so we try to understand what our partners would find most helpful and let them be in the driver’s seat.

There are different elements to our Funding Plus approach, but the two most important ones are our grantee get-togethers and what we call Learning Initiatives. Please check out the sections below to learn more about these.

Learning initiatives

Once an organisation is supported by Civitates, it can benefit from additional funds for learning and capacity building. This could focus on strengthening the capacities and skills of the specific organisation, for example. It could also take the shape of a joint learning initiative aimed at:

  • strengthening relationships
  • learning more about another project/organisation, or
  • addressing common needs together with other Civitates grantees and/or external organisations.

Initiatives that aim for exchange, learning and collaborative actions across different countries are particularly encouraged.

Grantee get-togethers

Within the framework of Funding Plus, Civitates regularly gathers its grantees to foster cooperation and cross-border networking.