M&E consultant

Monitoring and evaluation consultant

Civitates is looking for a consultant to develop the framework, methodology and instrument(s) to assess the impact of its sub-fund focused on a healthy digital public sphere.

Role of the consultant

The consultant will help the Civitates secretariat explore appropriate and useful ways to evaluate work done through the above-mentioned sub-fund. Recognizing that data collection can be time- and resource-intensive, and that more data is not necessarily better, the consultant will ensure that indicators are strategically chosen and that no disproportioned burden is placed on the grantees.
The consultant will also explain about the monitoring approach and lead a discussion about indicators for the assessment of the impact of the sub-fund during an in-person meeting with the grantees (most likely in Brussels during the last week of June 2019, although this remains to be confirmed), taking into account questions and concerns by the grantees, and providing guidance where needed.
If the assignment is conducted to the satisfaction of both parties, the consultant will most likely also be asked to also conduct the evaluation of the impact of this sub-fund at the end of the grant period (June 2020). A separate contract will be provided for that follow-up assignment.

Expected result
The results of the work being done by the consultant under this ToR should include:

  • Methodology to assess the impact of the sub-fund in accordance with the Civitates strategy;
  • Workshop on monitoring and evaluation with the grantees;
  • Indicators for the assessment of the impact of the sub-fund;
  • Instrument(s) required to do such assessment including the instruction for the Secretariat on how to use the them. 

Interested? Read the full TOR here.
Apply by 30 April 2019