Democracy in Europe: a shared and ongoing responsibility

As every year the International Day of Democracy (an initiative created by the UN as part of their efforts to build democracy) reminds us that democratic principles and values such as respect to human rights, freedom of association, participation, and access to information can’t be taken for granted. In the last years, we have been witnessing the closing of democratic spaces, a rise in disinformation, and an increase in political polarisation.

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There is nothing a grantee can’t ask a funder

As part of the online gathering, the grantee partners had the opportunity to quiz the funders as part of the session ‘I am a funder, ask me anything’. Civitates regularly organises such sessions where grantees and funders sit together and exchange freely.

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Looking ahead to another year of coalition action for civic space

The pandemic has introduced trends such as a growing digital divide, limited media freedom and growing disinformation around Covid-19. Limitations thought unthinkable just a year ago such as lockdowns, banning assemblies and gatherings, and tech surveillance are now common and come with human rights implications.

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Press releases

December 2019,  Announcing a new fund to support independent, public interest journalism in Europe.

February 2019, Press release about the formation of Civitates by sixteen foundations.

November 2018, “A time to stand together“ – A declaration condemning the violence directed towards civil society. Full statement and list of signatories