Strong and resilient civil society

Our grantees

Civitates aims to strengthen civil society so it can perform its watchdog role effectively and ensure that all voices are heard. It, therefore, empowers civil society actors to respond collectively and effectively to challenges related to the closing space for civil society, providing essential protection against the erosion of the rule of law and values such as respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality.

Current grantees

For the current phase (2022-2023), and with a total grant amount of 1, 150, 000 €, Civitates supports 14 national coalitions in 10 countries to help them address the challenges and opportunities related to the shrinking space in their respective contexts.   

Grantees (2021)

In 2021 we supported the work of 11 coalitions throughout Europe, allowing them to consolidate and roll out the strategies they had planned. The coalitions involved partners from different sectors and cities. Their approach varied, but all of them included both reactive and pro-active elements aimed at building up resilience and the capacity to stand up against the deterioration of democratic values in their sectors.

Grantees (2019-2020)

We funded the further implementation of coalition work during a period of 18 months.

Out of the initial 16 grants awarded in 2018, 13 organisations received further funding for their coalition work. These follow-up grants went to 11 coalitions in the following 9 countries: Hungary (3), Poland (2), Bulgaria (2), Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, and France.


Grantees (2018)

We funded coalitions at the national level (for a context specific approach), with partners from different sectors and beyond the capital cities (for collective impact). ur rationale was to provide an initial space for organisations to come together and brainstorm collectively about what was needed in each specific context before starting to draft a coalition strategy, and to then provide most funding to the most promising coalitions.

We distributed the first phase grants during the summer of 2018 to 16 coalitions in 11 countries: Hungary (4), Poland (2), Bulgaria (2), Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, Italy, France, and the UK.