civil society

CSOs in France unite to react to controversial bill

By working together, members of the coalition led by VoxPublic unite strengths and expertise to promote and defend the rights of civil society actors and to provide response strategies to the growing repression experienced by associations.

Looking ahead to another year of coalition action for civic space

The pandemic has introduced trends such as a growing digital divide, limited media freedom and growing disinformation around Covid-19. Limitations thought unthinkable just a year ago such as lockdowns, banning assemblies and gatherings, and tech surveillance are now common and come with human rights implications.

Regional solidarity could ease the political tension in Hungary

The government campaign against civil organisations in the last few years has caused major damage to the sector in Hungary. The local initiatives in cities and towns across the country have withdrawn and are focusing on rather apolitical activities. Stigmatised CSO’s, especially in pro-governmental cities are isolated from public or civic co-operations.

Strengthening civic space by working ‘on the ground’

NOSZA coordinates a coalition of five NGOs in Hungary, working on diverse topics to strengthen civic space. The coalition does so by demonstrating the professionality of civil sector actors that work on improving the lives of people who are most in need. This is achieved, even in lack of funding and in over-politicised atmospheres, via cooperation. With support from Civitates, the coalition members provide multi-sector services, raise public and stakeholder awareness across the country and learn from each other.