The Steering Committee, which meets twice a year, is Civitates’ board. It is the body that designs the overall strategy with the support of the secretariat and approves the launch of the Sub Funds. Each partner foundation is represented in the steering committee by a dedicated representative. All partners have adhered to a partnership agreement which sets out the governance of Civitates and details the roles and responsibilities of the parties.

The Executive Committee is mandated by the Steering Committee to make decisions on day-to-day matters. It acts as a sounding board to the Secretariat.

Sub-Fund Working Groups take decisions specific to their sub-fund on strategy, implementation and grants, within the framework agreed with the Steering Committee.

The Secretariat acts as Civitates’ caretaker. It is embedded within NEF, through which it receives back office support and draws on other pooled funds. Civitates’ Secretariat provides intelligence, maintains institutional memory, ensures good communication, and connects grantees, partners and experts. It is currently composed of two staff.

The functioning of Civitates is summarised in the scheme below:

Governance model