Strong and resilient civil society

Within this line of work, we aim to strengthen civil society by empowering people to respond collectively and effectively to challenges related to the closing of civic space. Our funding goes to coalitions focussed on achieving collective impact, bringing together partners from different sectors and from beyond capital cities. All coalitions operate at the national level, taking a context specific approach. We are particularly active in countries in which the civic space has become narrowed or obstructed.

Civitates is proud to support the organisations listed below.

Healthy digital public sphere

Within this line of work, we support civil society groups which push for a healthy digital public sphere in which public and democratic values are safeguarded. Our grantees analyse and expose issues within the digital information ecosystem that are impacting the quality of the online public discourse and advocate for improvements in the regulatory environment. They operate across Europe and address a variety of issues, including transparency and accountability of online platforms and intermediaries, algorithmic decision-making, mis- and disinformation, social media monitoring around elections, social media content moderation, and online political micro-targeting.

Civitates is proud to support the organisations listed below.

Independent public-interest journalism

Within this line of work, Civitates aims to establish a strong cohort of independent public-interest journalism organisations that defend democracy in Europe by exposing abuses of power and drivers of polarisation and defending a space in which all voices are heard. Our hope is that we can help bring substantial funding into the sector, while in the meantime providing structural, core support for the exciting but stretched organisations that exist in this space.