Healthy digital public sphere

Our grantees

The lack of transparency and accountability from technological platforms and the lack of regulations impact negatively the quality of public discourse online and facilitates potential interference, opinion manipulation, and speedy spread of disinformation. Civitates aims to strengthen civil society organisations that advocate for a digital public sphere where adequate checks and balances apply, upholding democratic principles, fundamental rights, and the protection of citizens.

Current grantees

We are currently supporting the work of 8 civil society organisations throughout Europe, allowing them to consolidate and roll out the strategies they had planned.

Grantees (2019-2020)

We funded a wide variety of initiatives to better understand what is happening in the digital public sphere, build the evidence base and advocate for regulation of the digital public sphere in a way that upholds democracy and fundamental rights.  All those initiatives have been aimed at contributing to the fostering of a healthy digital public sphere.